Resplendence at the Chequers, Hanham Mills Sept 15th
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Welcome to the free to use YWP
Please note that you can now register on the site to post a profile of your band. You will also soon be able to add reviews.
If you have arrived here from the Bristol Rocks website, yes you are in the right place.

Kevin, the guy behind Bristol Rocks has found it increasingly difficult to find the time to update the site regularly, and we have been in discussion about how to keep the spirit of the site alive, and to maintain a place for the exchange of all things to do with live music in the Bristol area, while allowing him the time and space to do the other things he has to do (like playing in three bands I believe).

So this website site has been set up as an alternative location for the Bristol based music community to keep in touch, advertise and gain publicity.

As the site begins it is fairly modest in scope, but will have things added to it as time goes by and of course your suggestions are welcomed.

You can look for musicians with the musicians wanted section, you can link up with others by adding your details to the musicians available section, notify the Bristol area of your up-coming gigs with the Wots on section.
You can add a page where you can profile your own band (including a picture, or yourself if you are a solo performer, and also to add pages devoted to anything else relevant to the local musician in the area.

If you have a rehearsal room business you can send us your details for inclusion, see Rehearsal facilities and if you run a live music venue you can have it listed - see Live venues.
To get involved with the site, click Latest activity to see a summary of the latest activity in all the site's various sections. From there you can dive into any of it, and there is a submisison form on every page so you can send in your own contribution for any of the areas.

There are no costs involved.

If you do decide to take part, please read the Terms of Use page and don't pinch someone else's material.